Saturday, May 26, 2012

MicroPanzer SAS

It's about time I painted up some of the 15mm figures that have been hanging about on my painting table, and this seemed a good place to start.

Very simple colour scheme; overall green, grey weaponry with orange 'business ends', a wash of Devlan Mud over the lot and a pale grey highlight on the guns. Forty figures painted up in a couple of hours...

Nice figures, though I am not quite happy with the heads; the helmet / mask / face combo seems somehow awry. In the end, I just assumed a full face helmet and didn't put any flesh in there at all. It looks okay.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trukking on...

First trukk has been built, primed and basically painted - I am deliberately keeping the lines on this one quite clean, because I think it suits the 'boat body'. In the end, I put a couple of magnets into the hull so that I can move the weaponry around. The second trukk is underway, and will be taller and spikier.

All the wheels are from Ramshackle Games, driver and engine from the deffkopta, weaponry from the spares box, everything else is scratchbuilt.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Dalek-rons

Given a few days off work, I have decided to play with some paint and clear out some of the drawers. This is the first unit in a Necron 'counts-as' army; warriors or immortals.

Ten of the iDaleks that were given away on the cover of the Dr Who magazine last year; I have enough to make another three units like this, and perhaps another 40 that will be used to make specials. The blue one is being converted to Davros; he will be a Necron character of some sort.

I will be making up a couple of pieces that will be used to convert daleks to destroyers (probably a small flying saucer) and to make barges (a larger saucer); I can easily do my own resin casts from them.