Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dark Angel Deathwing

I have built up the terminators from the second starter set now; just a few cut-and-shut changes this time. One of the stormbolter/fist guys was given a heavy flamer from the spares box; the other had both arms replaced with lightning claws. One of those stormbolters was transplanted onto the assault cannon body - see the pictures below.

The sergeant and the chainfist figure were left pretty much alone, apart from the wings on the sergeant; easy to remove, and it makes the two figures look slightly different.

Finally, I raided the bits box and put together two more terminators using the left-over arms; one of the bodies is a 'real' terminator, the other one was from Black Reach. I will have to add a bit of iconography with green stuff to blend them in, but the ornate arms help to get it started. I have given the cannon guy a greensuff hood already; more to come.

Friday, September 28, 2012

15mm exchange 2012

There was a figure exchange on TMP recently, and I was lucky enough to receive these from the estimable Eclipsing Binaries...

Very nice, thank you very much!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dark Angel plasma-nator

I felt that since I bought the set, I probably ought to put the figures together.

The terminators are a nice small squad, so they are first...

Of course, I can't just make them as they are intended; I have replaced the assault cannon with a plasma cannon from the Imperial Guard Sentinel...

Maybe a bit bulky, but it'll look nice enough under a coat of paint.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Valkyries and Vendettas, part 2

I haven't done anything about the cockpit yet, though I have scoured Ebay and the bitz sellers for the parts so I can get started. Here are the in-progress pictures of my colour scheme so far...

The stripes are going to be on the upper surface only; mostly because the weapons were glued in place before I got the model, and it'll be a real pain to paint round them. The next two will be striped upstairs and down.

Of course, once you put flyers up there, you need to be able to bring them down. Hydras aren't wonderful (they can't take on ground targets with any degree of accuracy any longer) but they still look good. Here's the basic colour scheme for the first of my pair. The cannons have been attached with magnets, so they can elevate (or more likely, be removed as I get shot up during the game)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playing Gruntz... 1947 style.

Alan and I were playing around with Gruntz - here are a few pictures of our Weird World War 2 game, complete with hover-T43s with vibrocannon and Sherman Lasertanks...

Hellboy and Captain America were there on the US side, though I don't seem to have any pictures of them.

Alan has also put some pictures and notes from this game on his blog...

Friday, September 07, 2012

Valkyries and Vendettas, part 1

I have started on the Valkyrie I picked up at a bring and buy for a tenner. It'll do as a test-bed for the paint scheme; I can make my mistakes here, and if it's that bad, I can turn it into scenery. It was completely undercoated in black, across the canopy as well, so I bought a spare from a bits seller online to replace it. Here's the basic model after a coat of silver spray...

 I thought that I would pop the cockpit off now. Okay, I see why he painted across the canopy - none of the cockpit pieces were fitted! Never mind, I can scratchbuild something into there and make the replacement canopy tinted to hide the difference!

Next thing is to get some base colours on, just to block out where I want things. Red tail, red intakes, drab anti-glare round the cockpit. I am still debating invasion stripes on the wings...

It does look a little 'Grey Knight', but I think that the nose art will break that a bit...