Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lamp-posts painted

Just a quick update - a quick bit of painting this morning has done the job. Empire of the Dead figure for scale...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No Salute posts here

No Salute posts here - just lamp posts; mostly because I'm all Salute-ed out. I also do the Warlords blog, so you can find things there if you want.

Anyway; I have made a mould, cast a few test bases and started to assemble the lamp-posts. As suggested before, I will try to pretty up the bases a little - one here has a plastic Renedra barrel on.

I think I need to change resin; this one is very hard. It's also a 10:1 ratio mix, which makes producing small volumes of stuff a bit of a lottery; 1:1 ratio is so much more forgiving.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Victorian Lamp-posts

I picked up a bag of model railway lamp-posts on Ebay from a buyer called 'we_honest'. It turned out, he was. Anyway, I got a box of fifty posts for £13 including postage, which I thought was pretty good, and they turned up last week.

How to base them? Well, I have a few plastic 30mm bases which I have tried to texture myself. I'm not 100% happy with them, and I think I'm going to actually buy the bases for my Empire of the Dead figures as they arrive, but they're good enough for scenery.

I'm going to make a mould and cast a load of them; I might drop a penny into the resin while they set to give them some weight and keep them balanced.

I don't have any VSF painted yet, but this pirate gives you an idea of the height - they are 60mm, though you can get 70mm if you feel it's a bit short - personally I'm quite happy with them.

Friday, April 12, 2013

40k burnout

I’ve played 40k for years, but I have to say, I’m feeling a bit flat on it at the moment. Games are still fun, but the game/support/development structure has got to me.

I used to buy every codex and every WD as they came out. Now – well, I haven’t got the Daemons, Chaos Marines or Tau codexes. I didn’t renew my WD sub at the end of last year, and I didn’t bother to pick up issue 400 at the weekend.

I still like (most of) the figures, I’m happy with the rules, I like the availability of opponents; I just can’t be bothered to stay on the conveyer belt.

However, I still have loads of boxes of stuff that needs building and painting; I reckon there's a 2000 point Space Marine army on sprues in the loft; there's certainly another 1000 points of Space Wolves and about the same of Imperial Guard to paint. And that's without thinking about 1500 points of bikes and the best part of a Battle Company of Dark Angel infantry that's sitting up there. Oh, and a Forgeworld stockpile of a Contemptor, some jetbikes, an assault squad...

What to do, what to do...