Saturday, October 31, 2009

40k Scenery...

I have spent the afternoon putting together some scenery for my 40k games. I am trying to put together a 'game in a box' of scenery; the first one will be 'Imperial Urban'. The table-cloth will be one of the brown Mat Of War mats from Antenociti's Workshop with a grid of roads painted onto it. I reckon I need 2 of 12" x 12" buildings, 4 of 12" x 6" buildings, about a half dozen barricades, plus a hill of some sort. I have an idea for that which would include blue and pink insulating foam... but first, here are the barricades.

The tank traps are from Total System Scenic and were pretty cheap - it just cost me £6 for all twenty. The tyre stacks were from PG Scenics, also cheap at £1.75 for a pack of five. The car is a Thunderbirds toy; it seems about the right size, and it'll blend in once everything is painted. Everything is on 3mm MDF, on 2" x 8" bases. The idea is to make roads about 6" wide, so these will be able to close them off at an angle.

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