Monday, November 01, 2010

Starting a new army

I feel in need of a new army. My Imperial Guard have ground to a halt, as I wait for Wargames Factory to put out the heavy weapons, and although I have a couple of Earthshakers under way, I feel like a change. I was browsing the lead-and-plastic mountain and I found a few of the old 13th Company Wulfen dating back to the old Eye of Terror codex, so I have decided to use them as the starting point for a Space Wolves list. I guess most people know the figures I mean, but they are partially equipped with chaos armour torn from the bodies of their victims on the great hunt through the Eye of Terror. I like that idea, but I want to bring it up to 999.M41 rather than being the remnants of a Heresy force.

So, after a quick browse through the codex, I found this...

Bran Redmaw's Company
Bran Redmaw, whose personal icon is the Bloodied Hunter, likes nothing more than to hunt under the full moon. Bran is instinctively cunning, able to second-guess his enemies and ensure that his Grey Hunters lie in wait for the enemy after the fury of his front line forces them to retreat. The savagery of his company is legend - an enemy force trapped by Bran's Great Company will quite literally be torn to pieces.

The sign of the Bloodied Hunter is associated with those with the Mark of the Wulfen, and indeed there are many in Bran's Great Company who bear that particular curse - some even whisper that Bran has been seen to take on a different form when caught up in the hunt.

So here is the basis of my force. Bran believes that the end-time is coming. He believes that the momentary reappearance of the legendary Thirteenth Company during the last Black Crusade presages greater things. And he believes that his wolves must prepare for those days - those wonderful, terrible days - when Russ will walk amongst us again.

With this thought, he has sent out his Great Company to hunt the traitor once again. They are to hunt wherever the trail leads them, to supply themselves from the enemy, and to return to the Fang when the Wolf Time comes, stronger and faster, to stand beside Russ.

 The pack has a powerfist, a banner, two meltaguns, five hunters with basic weapons and, of course, the wulfen. Mostly made from the Space Wolf plastic kit, with odd bits added from the berzerker kit and from the spares box.

The rhino is pretty standard, though I have managed to use the hatch elsewhere so I had to use one of the resin spares I cast up for my Imperial Guard tanks in place of the usual one. Still, that's in keeping with the 'make do and mend' attitude of this army. The icon on the front of the rhino is from the backpack standard in the kit, sanded flat on the back and trimmed to fit the space on the front of the hull.

More to follow. I am intending to get 200+ points per month painted, which should give me a 1500 point army by Easter. Maybe. Watch this space :)

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