Saturday, June 04, 2011

Board gaming - Power Grid

My eldest is back from university, and he brought this one with him. A purely economic-driven game, with players competing to build and power their cities while denying resources to the others. First to seventeen cities triggers the countback, with whoever can power most cities at that point winning the game. I managed to come second, which I was pretty pleased with.

An enjoyable way of filling the evening, though I prefer something like Battle Star Galactica as a more co-operative game.

Limited resources to power your power stations and increasing prices for the more popular fuels make for a close game, with whoever currently has the most cities getting first choice when buying power stations, but last choice when buying fuel and building cities.

Overall - a good game, and well worth another play. Oh, and the board is double-sided, so there are a couple of different challenges in the layout of the country you're populating (Germany or the USA).

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