Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hydra substitute

Okay, this is the Ramshackle Games Quad Gun perched on top of a modified 1/48 scale KV chassis. It's a bit out of line because it's just stuck together with blu-tac, but the question is - do I need to lengthen the barrels, or is it obvious what this is?

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Col. Ackland said...

Hey Colin, I Just stumbled on to your blog and I wanted to say I think its pretty cool! I too have some wargames factory troopers to add to the gaming table and for another one of my IG armies I was thinking of adding Ragnaroks from HobbyBoss KV-2's. I love what you have done with both of these sets.
Traditionally I'm a Praetorian man, but I can't limit myself to just one guard army.
Cheers, and keep the groovy posts coming!