Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More buildings.

And I finally got going on the scenery again. Funny how you can let this slide...

Anyway - two 12x12 buildings completed, and another one partially built.
Front left is GW Basilica, front right is MageGothic ruins with a GW plastic crater to fill the insides. The pavements round the outside are covered with 20mm squares of thin card, and then drybrushed. Inside the buildings I have covered the ground with very coarse sand.

Both the back buildings are from Pegasus; the one on the left will have plasticard floors once I get some more card! Again, the ruin is filled with coarse sand. I still need to plug the holes in the pillars with the little blocks they give you in the box.
For some reason, Onion is very interested in the building - maybe he thinks it's kitty litter rather than some sort of crushed shells.

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Tony said...

Some great looking terrain. I also like the latest entry with the 40K tank.