Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Gamer burnout?

It's very odd. I have always loved going to shows, spending my money, collecting my new purchases. For a couple of weeks before a show, I hang on to odd notes in the back of my wallet so that I have a 'guilt-free' stash to spend on the day, and I enjoy myself with it. I love to wander round the show looking at all the new shiny toys, and buying whatever catches my eye.

This time at Salute, I looked at all the new stuff and I went 'how would I ever use that?', and my money stayed in my pocket. It was very strange. My wife has suggested that I have grown up, perhaps, but I don't think so. I am wondering whether there comes a point where you just become a little jaded with the constant rounds of 'new and improved'. This is the great golden age of gaming. Beautiful figures, in metal and increasingly in plastic, phenomenal sculpts, any range you can think of (and some you couldn't!). But are we too long in the tooth to really enjoy it?

Probably not. I spent Bank Holiday Monday morning at a boot sale, just to get a bit of air, and I very happily picked up several 1/43 scale cars and a Thunderbird 2 that looked just perfect to make a dropship... mojo restored!

Has anyone else hit this wall at a show recently? Just wondering...


WQRobb said...

I agree with your wife--you're growing up and realizing what makes you content and what is just pointless spending.

stealth_841 said...

Had the same happen to me. I took a year off. I thought I would never be in to wargames again. I had no interest at all. I started a new hobby the lot. Nearly sold my figs. Then one day pow. I was back in love with wargames again as much as ever. I think some times you just need to walk away for a bit and have some time off. Take year out, go do something diffrent for some time.

Patrick said...

Funny... I've been feeling the same way the last three months. It wasn't a show that brought it on though. More like the demands of other interests coupled with a desire to buy /collect with clearer focus and specific intent.

I'll ride it out and get back to actually enjoying the hobby rather than succumbing to SDA. (Senseless Desire to Acquire)