Friday, April 23, 2010

First pictures of Salute

Yes, probably cheating because I just spent my Friday up at ExCeL setting up tables, moving chairs and stuffing bags, but here are the very first pictures of Salute. This was about 4:00pm today; we have maybe a quarter of the traders in, and we still need to lay out all the tables for visitors to eat their lunch at - useless information number 1, we HAVE to hire the ExCeL food trolley, otherwise nobody is allowed to eat in the hall. And we have to pay for the electricity it uses as well.

Most traders will be arriving tomorrow morning from 7:00am, and all of the games will as well. Anyway - early night, as it will take me about 2 hours to collect the people I'm giving lifts to and get up there in the morning, and on early shift, I have to be in the hall for 6:45.

Happy days. I have to say, I really enjoy it. I was chatting to a trader (I won't embarrass him by naming him) and he said that they really enjoy Salute because of the buzz you get - seven hours of trading goes by in a flash. I was thinking - if we have 4,000 visitors, and they spend £100+ a head (not unreasonable; I know many who spend a lot more than that), that is getting close to a half million pounds of wargaming trading in seven hours. And I do think that £100 is a conservative estimate, what with the number of pre-orders and collections I see.

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