Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mission: Kill Team

We played a few games of the Kill Team mission from GW's new mission book down the club last night; my new scenery got a quick run-out and all was good fun. I did intend to take my camera along, but somehow it slipped my mind at the last moment, so these rather poor efforts were snapped on my phone.



The tanks were acting as scenery, and did quite a good job of keeping my troops alive! I went with Imperial Guard (though I don't have any troops yet, so they were WW1 German figures. The list I took was:

Veteran Squad Alpha:
1 x Sgt with plasma pistol (feel no pain)
4 x lasgun
1 x heavy bolter (relentless)
1 x flamer
2 x grenade launcher

Veteran squad Beta:
1 x Sgt with laspistol
4 x lasgun
1 x heavy bolter (slow and purposeful)
1 x flamer
2 x grenade launcher

That gives me move-and-shoot on the heavy weapons and the specials are assault weapons anyway, so this is a quite mobile army. In hindsight, I could have happily replaced the flamers with more grenade launchers (S6 is very effective), but they did well enough.

We had fun; nice scenery helps, but the fact that we could play three games in an evening made for a nice change of pace. I think we'll play again...

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