Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ragnarok Demolisher

Well, I didn't get anything done over Easter, but here's the third tank. This time it's another KV2, this time with the spare barrel from the Leman Russ Demolisher. Looking at the pictures, I seem to have swapped the hull and turret with the first one (and it's also ended up at the back of all the photos), but it doesn't really matter. I tried for some battle damage, and removed the engine cover and one road wheel of the new hull (which seem to be not unusual on the real thing, judging by some wartime photos.) The engine was a resin piece from Ramshackle Games fitted into a plastic card box and glued to the underside of the hull. I now have another couple of KV2, for a total of five (three of them still in boxes).

I took another couple of photos along with the Leman Russ; you can see my terrain as well, including a half-finished building to the left of the last picture. This was a Pegasus kit again, to which I have added plastic card floors; it still needs to be fully painted, but I thought it would look okay in a couple of 'action photos'.


tim said...

Those KV-2s look awesome! totally old school Rogue trader guard-ish. Nice job!

I don't actually play 40K but was thinking of doing something similar for some Imperial Guard figures I have - pick up some cheap 1/48 scale M1 tanks and Bradley IFVs...

twinbanj said...

Really nice models. I can't wait to build my KV-2 Russ :p but I never did think of making them into demolishers or other variants... thanks for the idea! Looking forward to your next blog