Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Laying down the groundwork

Well, it's been a while, but the Bank Holiday weekend has given me a chance to make a mat to go under those buildings, as well as doing a bit of real-scale gardening. The mat is from Antenociti, the layout is drawn out with masking tape.

Then I painted it in with household emulsion paint and a sponge - I still need to add white lines to the road, but I haven't decided on left- or right-hand driving yet.

Finally, cut to size (6'x4'), add terrain, and play. The barricades go across roads at an angle, the buildings fit into the grid, and things like the craters drop over the top of everything. I will grab a couple of brown spray-cans and messy-up the surface from a distance once the lines are on, and that should be it.

I reckon I still need another two 6"x12" ruins, and probably a 6"x6" tower to go in the eye of the roundabout. Overall this was cheap, easy and quick... ticks all my boxes!

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