Sunday, June 27, 2010

Making the mould...

And this is where it gets scary - making a mould from my lovingly-crafted master. I have stuck the masters to a piece of plastic card; my assumption is that I want a flat surface so that when I have poured the resin, I can run a blade across the top while it's still wet to ensure I have a flat bottom and minimal sanding after removal. I hope.

I popped the plastic card into a lego frame, and filled the gaps around the edge with wax. Then sprayed with mould release.

And mix and pour the RTV101 rubber from Tiranti. I am slightly worried about the number of bubbles surfacing, but I have knocked, tapped and jogged it as much as I can to try to get them all to surface. I will pop it out of the mould tomorrow... watch this space :)

1 comment:

Stephen Thomson said...

Absolutely Hilarious!!!

I thought I too use Lego to make molds. who would have figured it'd not be the only one using Lego for this purpose?