Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The quality of paint is not strained...

I was listening to one of my regular diet of podcasts in the car the other day (Meeples and Miniatures, episode 65 - where Neil was talking about painting figures. There was a discussion about paint and preparation, and one of the comments was that neither he nor his co-presenter would ever use craft paint other than for scenery.

Which got me to thinking... it may not be as good as hobby acrylics (GW, Vallejo, PP, Foundry or whatever), but is it 'good enough' for rank and file? I have certainly used odd colours in the past, and I will admit that I still use craft acrylics to touch up spray undercoats where the can misses undercuts. So I dropped into Hobbycraft on the way home from the office and I picked up five tubes of FolkArt acrylic ( which were as close as I could match by memory to the colours I'm using for my Imperial Guard.

What I will do is to assemble and undercoat my next squad as usual (a veteran squad of GW Cadians with Pig Iron heads and backpacks) and then paint five using my usual paints and five using the cheap craft paints. Both batches will get a Devlan Mud wash, and then I'll see whether I can tell the difference. And I'll post the pictures so you can compare them too.


the other Kevin said...

If you want to see how good craft paint will work on minis, go look at some of Ron Saikowski's stuff on From the Warp. He uses hobby acrylics extensively, and made it past the first cut and collected a number of votes for a Golden Demon. Not too shabby for someone who had never used GW Foundation Paint until last month.

capthugeca said...

I use practically nothing but craft paints, mainly Anita's Acrylics.
They have less pigment than hobby acrylics but once you get used to them you can produce paintwork just as good as the more expensive ones.

Noel Vh said...

I for one only use hobby/craft paint, for my minis. I have been doing this for years. The only ones I do not use are metallics, ware I use GW, or others. The finer grind of the game paints is much better for metallics.
My blogs show off some of my work.
Fantasy 15mm
SciFi 15mm