Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not dead yet...

I have been very quiet lately - blame Salute.

Anyway, I have started to build up my next army - can't decide between Imperial Guard and orks, but I wanted to do a bit of messing with trukks. Being me, I want my trukks to look different to everyone else's, so they're being scratchbuilt from the chassis up.

The driver and engine are bits of a deffkopta - I have five sets of the Black Reach orks, and while I will probably convert a few of the deffkoptas into buggies, I won't do all fifteen. All the white stuff is plastic rod and plastic card, plenty of detailing still to go but the basic shape's there. So... heavy stubber from a biker, rokkit from the 'kopta with scratchbuild launcher, next I need to do some magnetising so they can be swapped as necessary.

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