Saturday, February 04, 2012

Objective markers

A quick project for this morning while my wife is off shopping - objective markers themed to the table.

Steampunk jewellery parts from Hobbycraft - I think they were £2 for a pair of brass coloured clocks, easily clipped off with cutters and glued to 40mm plastic bases. I put white glue on the base, superglued the pieces down and dipped immediately into coarse sand, which made it very easy to keep the sand off the top of the metal parts. Took about an hour in total, plus drying time.

Now looking for a cloth to go with this stuff - seems like Hotz do the perfect mat with their Mars Red series, though I want to get the version without a grid.


Ron Saikowski said...

What a cool idea and I see you've marked them by coloring different numbers as well.

Seems like a completely practical way of coming up with some nice, simple objective markers. Nice find.

Ron, From the Warp

Tony said...

I agree - a great idea.