Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Playing Gruntz

Last night we played Gruntz in 28mm, with a mix of toys; I was using Wargames Factory and Games Workshop troops, 1/48 scale KV2 tanks and an Iron Man toy as a mecha; Alan used GW troops, Old Crow vehicles and GZG skimmers and wheeled guns.

Playing the Assault and Battery scenario with three objectives; as defender, I get half my units on the board. 

Gruntz squad, commander, heavy tank and a lascannon specialist defending the right hand objective. 

Skimmer specialists with rockets coming round the woods. 

Alan's troops prepare for an assault on the left hand objective. 

Gruntz squad and the tank have been shredded, but Iron Man is there to save the day.

A sighting from his shoulder.

We played much better in this, our second game. Less confusion over the shooting, and I had found two sets of eight pairs of different coloured dice so we could shoot a whole squad in one action. We still have some trouble with the weapons (there's no multi-shot 'heavy bolter/assault cannon' equivalent), but the area effect weapons make a decent proxy.

At the end of the day, we have arranged to play again in a couple of weeks, so that must show that the rules are good.

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