Friday, July 27, 2012

They know what you're thinking

The next unit on the modelling table is a psyker battle squad. I have decided they need to stand out from the rank and file of the army, so they are going to have a colour scheme all their own. As a unit that's perceived as dangerous to the troops souls, they are required by regimental edict to wear black and yellow; unit and transport will certainly stand out that way!

I'm building them from Brettonian bodies; what I am finding is that I have a lack of laspistols. I'm looking around for a manufacturer who does replacement arms, but so far I only have four built; more to follow.

The left hand pair have arms from the Cadian infantry, the third has a Space Wolf chainsword and a scroll from the Flagellent set, the last figure has a flagellent's mace and a holstered pistol. The heads are from the flagellents as well, to give a more unkempt appearance.

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