Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hammers Slammers in 15mm

There's been a bit of a run on Hammers Slammers in 15mm at the Warlords, and I have finally decided what to do with my little tank sculpts. They will be an Apex Dragoons force, though since Jim already has one under the brush, I will change the name and colour scheme and keep the same organisation chart.

So here are the first half of the Strike Detachment; five Slingshot MICVs with gatling railgun and missile support. I need to cast another four hulls, then I can do a pair of Slingshot hypersonic missile calliopes, a Trojan ATGW missile carrier and the Trojan command vehicle.

The hulls are my sculpt, the turrets are from Old Crow. I will be sculpting some stowage for them once I have all nine ready to go.

So that's two different scales and two different armies in the last two days.Not that I have a short attention span or anything...

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