Friday, January 21, 2011

Strike Platoon - completed

Well, I have finally finished these vehicles - a coat of Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt Varnish and they look very much the part.

All the markings are hand painted, as a reverse colour-way of the Apex Dragoons. Bases are 2mm MDF.

Trojan command (right) and Trojan missile launcher (left)

Slingshot MICV

Slingshot calliope

Geckos - not actually in the platoon, but lovely Old Crow vehicles

The whole platoon, plus those Geckos
I may put a coat of gloss onto the windows in the Geckos and the cabins on the others, but that's basically it. Dragoons next...


Gyro said...

These look *so* nice, kudos. I think the coat of gloss on the windows will really make them 'pop' as well, I say go for it.

I recognize the Geckos but who makes the other vehicles?

Colin Hagreen said...

Nobody does... see this post for the details.

And thank you for the positive comment.

Gyro said...

Wow. These look better than many models that are out there to buy. A good looking platoon just got even better.

Man Cave said...

Very, very nice! Great job