Saturday, January 15, 2011

Painted Strike platoon

I am trying to get an update a week for 2011, so this is my progress. The Strike platoon has been base-coat painted and given a coat of spray varnish. Next up will be a wash of GW Devlan Mud and a gentle drybrush to sharpen up the edges, then I will paint in all the windows. I'm considering adding bases to the vehicles; the wheels are a little uneven and while it's not noticeable on a gaming cloth, I know it's there.

The next detachment will be the Dragoon platoon, which also has some Slingshots; I am considering differentiating between the Slingshots and the Trojans by moving the turrets to the front for Trojans, which would mean I need to replace the two at the front-right of these two pictures. Or at least, I would re-cycle the hulls with new turrets, and the turrets with new hulls - nothing wasted.

And I also picked up this mech on eBay - a 'Robotech Mac II Monster Destroid Cannon' according to the box. It's rather beaten up, but with some Araldite to fix the joints, fine sandpaper, a file and a good coat of primer, it should be recoverable.

And boy oh boy, does it tower over the 15mm figures! I know it doesn't fit the Hammers Slammers universe, but what the heck, it's fun.

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