Saturday, January 08, 2011

Stowage in 15mm

All those vehicles were looking just a little bit clinical and clean, so I decided to add a bit of stowage to them. I found this really useful article on the Flames of War site and it didn't look too difficult, so I had a go.

In retrospect, I may have got better effects with milliput rather than greenstuff, just because greenstuff has a tendency to bounce back to shape, but I'm happy enough anyway.

There are also a couple of Geckos in the first picture. Old Crow's stuff is well worth waiting for; the quality is excellent.

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Spacejacker said...

I love heavy stowage mods on vehicles and am itching to try some myself on some AT43 Kolossi. I really wanted to put tons of it on the Garn Vehicles I painted for Khurasan but they had to be product representative. Inspiring post!